Gintí Scottish Tea Gin (70cl)

Single estate Scottish tea gin. Gintì gin – the Scottish tea gin.

Grown, hand picked and processed, all on our family farm in Stirlingshire. Distilled with Scottish spring water.


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The word Tì derives from the Gaelic word for tea. Our name is a nod to both our own Scottish heritage and the history of the Scotsman, James Taylor, who introduced the first tea plantations to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in the 1800’s.

Farm to bottle.

We began growing tea in polytunnels on our farm in Stirlingshire back in April 2017. Using biomass renewable energy we have been able to create the perfect environment to grow tea, whilst the hard Scottish weather attributes to our unique flavour profile. We began with 1,000 plants and since then grown into a plantation with over 6,000 Scottish tea plants. As our plants are maturing we are able to hand pick and process the fresh growth of tea which we have carefully distilled into our gin. Ginti offers a clean, crisp flavour given to us by our simple use of botanicals that act as a foundation for our scottish tea. Juniper, lemon peel, angelica root , cubebs and liquorice are all infused into our spirit along with the tea. The tannins that Scottish tea itself provides the mouthfeel and smoothness alongside the floral notes that give Ginti its’ truly unique taste.


Our simple, modern design has flecks of copper to reflect the copper still used in the distilling process and the flecks of black are our black tea botanical. Our embossed logo contains both juniper and tea, both key to Ginti Gins’ flavour profile.


We like to drink Ginti with a sliver of lemon rind or slice of lemon – just as many enjoy their cuppa!

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