WEST GPA German Pale Ale (4x330ml)

WEST German Pale Ale is a homage to the IPAs and APAs with their hop-forward styles. A little wheat helps keep GPA light and fresh.

Both German hops, that lend a herbal character, and American aroma hops bring flavours of peppery dried lemon.

With an elegantly dry finish, this is an incredibly well balanced ale.

GPA is good friends with anything hot & spicy. If you’re in our beer hall, go with the Currywurst.


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West Brewery. Glaswegian Heart. German head. Vegan and vegetarian suitable and brewed in Glasgow. If you want to view our entire collection of Scottish and world beers, visit our beers section. Find out more about this Glaswegian champion over at www.westbeer.com

All beers are brewed in strict accordance with the 1516 Reinheitsgebot, the ancient German Purity Law. This allows only malted barley, hops, yeast and water to be used in the brewing process. This means that all West products are free from chemicals, preservatives, and any other additives, and are all suitable for vegans.

West Brewery opened in March 2006, serving beer made in its Glasgow Green microbrewery to customers in the adjoining beer hall on the green. Despite going into administration, the brewery but was bought back by Petra Wetzel in 2008.

Since its original conception as a German style brewpub, the company distributes its draught and bottled beers widely throughout the UK. West is now available in more than 3,000 outlets in the UK, as well as in packaged format at several major supermarkets.

In 2016 West’s new £5million brewery opened. The brewery is housed in the same premises within the iconic Templeton Building. This brought with it a ten-fold increase in capacity to 25,000 hectolitres a year.

In the same year, West on the Green also expanded with the opening of an adjacent 250-capacity events space.


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